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Vol. 23. Issue 1.
Pages 1 (January - February 2019)
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Vol. 23. Issue 1.
Pages 1 (January - February 2019)
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New Challenges and rising expectations for the Brazilian Journal of Infectious Diseases, 2019
Luciano Z. Goldani
Editor-in-Chief, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
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We start 2019 with high hopes and with new initiatives. Infectious diseases remain a significant contributor to the burden of disease in low- and middle-income countries. Brazilian Journal of Infectious Diseases is an Official publication of the Brazilian Society of Infectious Diseases, and recognized as one of the leading journals in the field. The Journal received almost 500 papers for consideration in 2018 and published more than one-third of submissions.

We are proud to announce that our journal increased its impact factor from last year. The success of the Journal is reflected in the impact factor, which now exceeds 2. The quality of the science published in the journal is extraordinary, and our increasing Impact Factor is also a testament to the skill and dedication of our reviewers and section editors. To ensure quality, all papers were subject to the regular peer-review process handled by a number of talented reviewers of BJID who specialize in different areas of infectious diseases research.

We are not content to maintain our current status, and I look forward to seeing the quality of the journal-and its Impact Factor-increase each year.

We anticipate BJID will continue to grow and demonstrate its place among the most valued journals in infectious diseases. As we enter a new year, there are opportunities to achieve our goals and also new challenges to face. The key to the success of this journal clearly depends on our authors, reviewers, and readers. Our mission is to develop new technologies to make peer-review more efficient and transparent. We look forward to your valuable contributions in 2019 and will work hard to do everything we can to optimize the scientific quality of the journal. We also take this opportunity to wish you a very happy and prosperous 2019.

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